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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

blogs and what i write

This is the first time i will be writing something that will be read by everyone. Yes, i am journalist and i write articles but they are just facts and figures. What i write are not personal and it does not allow you to be personal with your work. I have tough time writing what i really fell because i am afraid that others will know it and they might know me well. Actually i am a free spirited person, dont normally care what others say or do and most of the time its my way or the high way. But when it come down to my writing, i get conscious and very nervous.
I have been writing it down in my diary for several years now and have been making sure that no one reads it. i have this strong tendency of writing negative thoughts or about bad things that have happened to me in my diary. I share good thoughts with my friend but keep the bad to myself. May be that is one of the reasons why i burn them after i finish writing it.
this is my first attempt on writing it online or in a place where people can read my thoughts or even know me better. I think i am a step ahead now from what i am and what i use to be. As i am writing this thought down, it is making me realise that to share is to let go. To have faith, confidence and to love yourself is the most important thing and if you dont love yourself then you dont deserve to be loved. I think i am letting go of the phobia to write online and let people read.
I know a lot of people who express themselves through their facebook status and let the other person know what they are going through but that is not the case with me. i just write about what i have noticed and most of the time my status box is empty.
This is just the baby step..


  1. welcome to the world of blogging.

  2. Aby sent me here from Facebook. Welcome Sonam. You are right, I read a lot of news pieces you wrote in papers but never really cared more than the news...but with this blog I hope we will get to feel your soul.

    Just one suggestion: because you are a journalist I know you can write volumes but while blogging keep them short unless unavoidable. I Liked you first post.

    I am adding you in my blogroll...but you must update often.