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Monday, December 20, 2010

Drying Money in the $UN

Angay Gyem is 83 and angay thinks she is still strong because she drinks Horlicks.. Which is true:)
Yesterday angya (grandma) and I spend a wonderful time together doing the most messy thing in the world. We were cutting the meat and drying it in the sun (Bhutanese style).
It has been long since we have spend time together, I went to college then shifted to Thimphu for job. We have been living in Paro for almost 25 years and all the while I was my angay's favorite granddaughter. There was  time when I couldn't sleep without her and now I live in a 2bhk all alone. I use to wonder lying beside her, what if she is gone then who will i sleep with. This was the most feared thought I had.
I went to a boarding school and my grandma went crying to the principal because she knew I could not sleep alone. She asked him to let me stay with her and she promised that she would make sure that I went to the school regularly.
It has been five years since then and I almost forgot the incident. She is 83 now but still strong and willing to do all the chores by herself. Few days back mom had bought 100kg of beef to make shakam and she agreed to take up the task. Though she was the one who agreed to do it,  I was the one who was at loss because she dragged me into it. I was outside the house cutting meat, helping her to dry them. It took us the entire day and I had gone there to spend my weekend as usual.
We sat there and started to work on the meat. Angay was sitting right beside me and started to talk about all the old time we had together. She said, "I think now you should spend some more time with me, I feel lonely." The moment she said that, I was hurt, it made me feel like was the WORST granddaughter that one could have.
Then something very hilarious happened, we were so busy with the meat and the talking that we did not notice a dog stealing the meat. My grandmom jumped out of her skin to chase the dog and said, "This is not meat, it's money."
For her noting was funny in it but for me to see her say that was the most funniest and the cutest thing in the world. That instant I captured her in my mind. After that she asked me to go to a neighbors house to steal bamboo canes because we were running out of them to dry the meat. I was like no, I wont go there, it's stealing and she was, "It's not stealing, it borrowing." She had the most beautiful explanation for that, "The sun is still up so it is not considered stealing it's borrowing with out asking and anyways, we will keep them back."
Both of use smelled of wet beef all over our bodies and had a good laugh after a very long time.


  1. aieee that was really such a nice episode with ur granny,, it made me miss my grandma...keep writing :)

  2. a very good depiction about a grand-mother and her grand-daughter, although I never got a chance to do the same..I lived it thru this piece..Long Live Angay!!