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Friday, December 24, 2010

Money matters! I know that now.

When I was a little girl all I wanted when I grow up was a family of my own. I was not ambitious at all, I was not worried about money or house or anything. All I was looking forward to when I grow up was a nice life without all the thing mentioned above. 
But today, it's Christmas eve and everyone is planning to go out but I dont have any money. I am so broke that even if you squeeze my purse not a single dim will fall out of it. See that is my condition but not to offend my parents who fills up my pocket every month (they will kill me if they see this). 
Then to my rescue, my younger brother who is still a student called me up to say that he was coming to stay with me. And I came to my usual sister form and asked him for money. Note* he is still a student. imagine how embarrassing that was for me. 
Now I realise that I want MONEY, I want HOUSE and I am WANT to be SOMEONE. At this point it's hell to a family that I always wanted. At the age of 23, I do care about the money I have at the end of the month in my purse. I care if I dont have fuel in my ALTO which is Vxi for your information..he he he... and to buy cloths and accessories that I want. 
I am a normal girl, who is in her early 20's and wanting to be someone, some where.    


  1. hey Sonam,
    I am in a ver similar condition. i often face such predicament but i have never thought that such thought can be articulated so immaculately in words. congrats and keep it up... All the best in life....

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  3. thank you rinchen for the comment and yea i know, sometimes it becomes so embarrassing...i am glad that you were able to relate to it...