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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Becoming Gemini

When you believe in something for so long that it crashes you when you find out that it was all a lie or it never existed. Well, this happened to me today. I don’t know if it is all true and I don’t want to believe in it but I somehow tend to.
For the past 23 years I believed that I was a cancerian (Zodiac sign Cancer) and then just today found out that I am no longer one. I buy horoscope book religiously every year and read them almost every week thinking that I am a cancerian.
I am so much into it that I see my traits in it and have adapted to the books on astrology so much that I adapt to whatever that has been written in the books.
Hypothetically, I was living my life based on the books and the traits that were in them. I was in high school when I read a horoscope book and found out that I was supposed to be sweet, love my family and hold them together. And be subtle and kind to everyone that i know of and be a nice human being over all. And also carry home on my back, which I think meant that I am a home loving family.  
But then it made me wonder sometimes if I was really of the traits that were mentioned in the books. Sometimes I would be not kind and hate other person but then again the thought of what was written in the books changed me. So there I was never the person that was in the books because some article in the internet tells me that now I am a Gemini. How can that be possible? And how can I turn from being nice to two faced person (a trait in Gemini)?
My stomach crunched when I heard that from my editor and I am not willing to accept that. All my life just because I read the books I tried so hard to adapt to the traits of Cancerian and now what do I do with them? I am not going to read any other books on Gemini and adapt to those traits. Well, I know nobody is forcing me to do so but ME, will be forcing to do so sooner or later. See, that is the extending trust that I have on the sun, moon and the stars. They have been and me being a cancerian has been a part of my life through out.
Oh! I should have guessed that it was a lie coz me and my best friend are of the same zodiac sing yet totally different. She is more daring, go with the flow kind of girl and I am more of a in the box girl. Yes, I did always think about us being so different despite of the similar zodiac but people are suppose to be different, aren’t they?
But then again, when I think about me believing in being a cancer has helped me a lot. Cancer is one of the most sensitive zodiacs from 12 and I read this in a book, so subconsciously I might have been sensitive to peoples feeling and emotion more than I am would have been. I think it is a good thing. Me believing in being a cancer has brought good traits in me, at least.  
Since the time I could remember, I wore a pearl ring which is a cancer stone and every full moon I could see my self in changing moods, because cancer is ruled by the moon and is effected more on full moon nights. Even my mom believes that me wearing a pearl ring controls my temper (I don't always lose my temper, occasionally). With the change in the moon, stars and the sun my stone is Jade, Aquamarine (I like the name) and Topaz. And I will be ruled by Mercury not the moon (but I love moon and it is romantic). You can't even see the planet MERCURY. It is like the moon has betrayed me and left me for Mercury to feast on, like I am some kind of meal.  
Now that I am a Gemini, the thought of being one haunted me last night. For many it won’t matter but for me it means a lot. So then I am a Gemini according to the stars, then so be it. Hell! yea I am a Gemini because one of the traits of Cancerians are that they adapt to things easily.  
So here are some of the positive traits of a true GEMIN:

.Adaptable and versatile
.Communicative and witty
.Intellectual and eloquent
.Youthful and lively

I hope they are true now that I have lost my faith in the aliment of the planets.  

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  1. It's good to know that you were able to adopt the positive traits of cancerians so well. If we look at the bright side, you now possess the qualities of both the zodiacs.
    Just be YOU! :)