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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

was Cinderella a liar? hummmm!

I am reading a book named, "Cinderella was a liar" and I was so intrigued by it. This book is about how we, specially the women have built our hope around fairy tale and is alway looking for our knight to rescue us. I was once like that, I always believed that my prince charming is out there and I will meet him someday, in that hope I met with lots of men and failed to be with anyone. Looking back at it, I was looking for my prince charming in them, which was out of the question. But now, I tell people there is nothing such a prince charming but i know deep down that I still am waiting for one.
Flipping through the magazines and watching movies, I see lots of happy couples in the world but when I look around me then I find men and women cheating on each other and always fighting. This sometimes makes me wanna give up the hope of meeting my prince charming. 
Then one day, a friend bought this book, "Cinderella was a liar" and she passed it on to me. At first, I was like, aite the author is one agitated and over the world kinds a person. Then as I turned the pages, she says, women always try and look for something that is not there and fail to see what they have it right infront of them. 
We are so lost in looking for a perfect guy that we ignore the ones that are there for us. Then I look at the mirror in search of self inner reflection and to my surprise I found out that i am among those women. I dated so many wonderful men but failed to see my prince charming in them, I was blinded by the fairy tale of knights and white shining armor suite.     
When you call Cinderella a liar, it not that she injected the hope of becoming a princess from a maid to meeting a prince and living happily even after. Its just that, not all the prince that we meet will be holding a glass slipper which is of your size. He might be holding a size 6 but your feet is like size 7. The whole idea behind is that whether you are willing to take the size 6 shoe and make it yours and accept that person with all the faults. In the movie, Cinderella it is just still the prince and the princesses get married after that it is the end. Nobody knows that happened to them. It is said that they live happily ever after but I did not see it and neither did you. It's like in the real world. You meet a couple, they seem just fine together, holding hand and nothing seems to be wrong but who know they are the most unhappy couple in the world. 
if Cinderella was a liar and we are no different then her. 

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